Long-Term IRA Compliance for Solar Projects

Time: 10:20 - 11:00

Date: 2024-05-01


2023 was the year US solar developers and capital providers across the United States gained access IRA tax credits and adders into project financing strategies. For 2024, focus has now shifted to what is needed for long-term IRA compliance. While IPPs and asset owners are thinking of long-term compliance, developers and EPCs that have commenced construction are gearing up for PWA and domestic content compliance and reporting today.

  • What long-term IRA considerations are needed across procurement, development, asset management and O&M decision-making spaces?
  • What strategies are developers and asset owners deploying to comply with domestic content, prevailing wage and apprenticeship requirements to secure adders long-term?
  • Learn from real-world examples on how to implement IRA tax incentive compliance strategies to minimize risk and maximize value



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