Are We Ready for US-Based Solar Manufacturing?

Time: 10:10 - 11:00

Date: 2024-05-02

Theatre: Room One


 How is a growing solar manufacturing base in the US changing the construction and procurement landscape?

What value-add opportunities does a growing domestic manufacturing sector present?

As non-Chinese modules increase in market share, how will they be assessed, insured and tested?

How are developers leveraging domestic manufacturing to secure long-term equipment supply?

How are project sponsors meeting domestic content requirements?


  • Li Xu Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer - LXI Capital


  • Feizhen Lu Senior Vice President, Procurement and Supply Chains - Hectate Energy
  • Eric Hafter Founder - Origami Solar
  • Mark Hagedorn VP, Manufacturing Services - CEA
  • Michael Parr Executive Director - Ultra Low Carbon Solar Alliance

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