Sudipto Bhowmik Speaker at Large Scale Solar USA 2024

Sudipto Bhowmik

Senior Director of Transmission and Planning ibVEnergy Partners

Sudipto is a Senior Director of Transmission and Planning strategy at ibvEnergy partners LLC. With more than 25 years of experience, he has worked on various generation, transmission, and distribution projects and has extensive experience of power system analyses for both regional grid power systems and local distribution systems. He has strong expertise in application of analytical and optimization techniques to power system planning and operation. His expertise also includes computer applications in power system planning and analysis and has developed and supported commercial software programs for various ISO’s. He has also performed various MOD and CIP compliance related verification studies for various utilities.

He has managed numerous transmission planning studies that included standard load flows, Optimal loadflow, Economic Dispatch, Unit commitment and stability analyses and long-term planning. He has managed distribution planning projects that included distribution system assessment and modelling, GIS mapping of assets, load flow, short circuit analyses and protection coordination. He has also performed special studies such as TRRV/TOV studies in ATP and PSCAD. He is currently an active member of WECC and WestConnect and has presented at and moderated various Transmission based conferences.

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