Managing Underperformance & Repowering Across Solar Asset Lifecycle

Time: 14:30 - 15:45

Date: 2024-05-01

Theatre: Room One


  • What considerations are needed to optimally navigate critical stages of the solar lifecycle (0 – 6 months; 5 – 10 years; 15 – 20 years)?
  • How are others building up their capability to forecast performance?
  • What predictive maintenance, AI forecasting and automatic fault detection capabilities can asset managers acquire to minimize downtime?
  • How are asset managers choosing to selectively repowering specific components of a solar project to extend its asset life?
  • What unique repowering strategies have been deployed that supercharged capacity at relatively minimal costs?
  • Inverters are a common focus for repowering. What are their implication for widespread underperformance on plants and how are managers responding?
  • How are asset managers approaching their long-term spare parts management?


  • Lynsey Tibbs Vice President, Asset Management - Silicon Ranch


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