Gordon Baier Speaker at Large Scale Solar USA 2023

Gordon Baier

Gordon Baier, has an energy industrial and polytechnical energy system background and is the CEO of GoSolar.us, an innovative PV development company located centrally in the Midwest.

Gordon´s engineering and technology background comes from Germany, with over 15 years of solar experience, where he had originated, developed and co-developed over 800MW of solar arrays in Europe; and where he proudly played a significant role with tech-innovations and new concepts to help Germany attain the title of the world’s leader in renewable energy at its time.

Since 2015, Gordon, has brought his experiences to the US team and is bringing his knowledge of the latest technology concepts in renewable energy and hydrogen electrolysis concepts to the United States for large utility scale projects only.

Gordon is ahead of the game, when it comes to this paradigm shift that is taking place with renewable energy.  In 2018 he started to select specific potential solar sites for innovative large scale hybrid battery storage systems for grid peak demand support, grid stabilization with LDES, Green H2 production and H2 storage systems near off-takers, gas pipelines and HV powerlines.

His deep industrial engagement stands firm in his belief, that solar photovoltaic power, battery storage technology, combined with new innovations for hydrogen production along with new technologies to refurbish coal power plants into green energy storages or green generator facilities, are the driving forces of the energy industry and reflect his enthusiastic commitment for the shift to reliable sources of renewable and clean energy for the future generation.

Gordon is currently leading the development team of GoSolar for 1,200 MW of solar + 2,500 MWh´s BESS in Iowa, 1,200 MW solar + 2,500MWh´s BESS in Missouri and soon 450 MW + BESS in Illinois, and currently the largest hydrogen electrolysis systems in the USA, with over 200 MW electrolyser per site. In Arizona he is responsible for developing more than 1,500 MW solar array + 3,000 MWh´s BESS to replace a retired coal power plant with a projection of an interconnection agreement by 2024

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